Wanna know exactly what goes into our products? You've come to the right place!

Bergamot Oil: A refreshing essential oil with uplifting properties and a citrus scent.

Blood Orange Oil: A fragrant essential oil extracted from the peel of the blood orange.

Calendula: Also known as Marigold. Used for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Cinnamon Leaf Oil: An essential oil with the characteristic scent of cinnamon.

Chamomile: Essential oil and leaves used for their soothing properties.

Clove Oil: A pungent essential oil with the characteristic scent of clove.

Coconut Oil: Organic.

Cocoa Butter: Our cocoa butter is organic, fair-trade and refined using a natural process.

Fragrance: Synthetic, but phthalate free!

Frankincense Oil: A balancing essential oil with a warm, spicy and sweet scent.

Grapeseed Oil: Cold pressed.

Green Tea: we use both gunpowder and the dried leaf variety in our products.

Illite: Nutrient dense mineral green clay.

Jasmine Absolute: The scent of this absolute is considered an aphrodisiac. It takes roughly 8,000 blossoms to create 1 ml. of this precious substance!. Absolutes are solvent extracted.

Kaolin: White mineral clay.

Mica: Mineral colors.

Montmorillonite: Nutrient dense red clay.

Myrr Oil: This astringent and healing essential oil has a spicy, woody and warm scent.

Olive Oil: Organic and Extra Virgin.

Palmarosa Oil: An essential oil with antibacterial properties and the sweet smell of rose and geranium.

Safflower Oil: Organic.

Soya powder: Soy milk powder.

Sodium Hydroxide: Also known as lye, this is basically one half of the chemical reaction to create soap. It reacts with oil in a process known as “saponification”.

Sweet Orange Oil: A fragrant essential oil extracted from the peel of oranges.

Tocopherols: Potent Vitamin E.

Vanilla Absolute: Extracted from vanilla blossoms, this oil is considered and aphrodisiac. It has the strong, characteristic scent of rich vanilla. Absolutes are solvent extracted.

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